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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the World Karate/Kickboxing Commission?

The WKC is an organization dedicated to mat sport martial arts. The WKC is recognized as the fastest growing sport martial arts organization in the world. The growth is due to a simple mandate of “the competitor comes first”. Each year the WKC promotes a world championship. Teams from across the world participate in order to crown world champions in three disciplines: forms; point sparring; and continuous sparring.

Who is eligible?

The WKC America will have several regional qualifiers across the United States. These events are open to all martial arts styles and schools. Divisions are divided by age, style and weight depending on the category. The level of competition is advanced or black belt. There are NO intermediate or novice divisions when seeking a true world championship. Because some of the youth divisions for point and continuous sparring are divided by weight, there are some intermediate competitors in those categories, particularly the lighter divisions. However most competitors are advanced and black belts.

How do I qualify for the World Championships?

Regional championships are offered in various jurisdictions of the United States. Competitors must qualify at a regional event. The regionals will be held during the months of February-May. Competitors who place at these events are invited to participate in the WKC nationals to be held in Detroit, Michigan in June. The top four finishers at the nationals are then eligible to attend the world championships. Each country can enter four competitors per division at the world championships.


Are there special equipment requirements for WKC tournaments?

All point/semi-contact sparring division competitors are required to wear a head guard, mouth guard, closed-finger gloves, sparring kicks, sparring shin guards, and groin protection (both male and female). In addition, females must wear chest protection. The female chest and groin protection will be considered optional at the WKC Rocky Mountain Qualifier Tournament but these requirements are strictly enforced at the WKC World Championships. All continuous/light contact sparring division competitors must wear the same protective gear described above for point sparring except they must wear 10 oz. boxing gloves instead of closed-finger gloves. Boxing gloves are close-palmed. 10 oz. boxing gloves will be required for continuous/light contact divisions at the WKC National and World Championships. No Ringstar sparring shoes are allowed. No face masks are allowed.

What are closed-finger gloves?

Closed-finger gloves cover the entire set of fingers and thumb. SAP or TOP TEN sparring gloves have closed fingers. ONLY these types of gloves will be allowed in point and continuous sparring at the WKC regional and national tournaments.